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What’s Old Is New: Rediscovering ClickBank’s Roots

15 years ago, when ClickBank first began, it pioneered many online innovations.  It empowered individuals to sell digital products online. It tapped into the collective power of the Internet by incentivizing affiliates to help find customers and drive sales. It innovated online fraud detection to protect vendors and their products.  Over the years, thanks to these innovations, thousands of people have turned to ClickBank to build online information businesses–collectively creating over 60,000 products.

Late last year, we began mapping out where we wanted to take ClickBank in the future. In many ways, these discussions helped bring us back to our roots. Since 1998, ClickBank has really been the go-to destination for people that want to monetize their knowledge and expertise–where everyday experts have turned to transform their know-how into a small business. These infopreneurs have been able to use the power of ClickBank to grow their businesses and leverage our 100,000 strong affiliate network to get their products in front of people willing to pay for them.

We realized our future was in helping even more infopreneurs start and create successful information businesses. We also realized that we had some amazing assets at our disposal–15 years of empirical data on what it takes to build successful, profitable information businesses. We started digging into that data, examining the approaches that have worked really well for our vendors…and the approaches that don’t. This research allowed us to reveal the most effective strategies and tactics for building information businesses. And what we uncovered allowed us to develop a blueprint for infopreneurs to follow that will give them the greatest chance of success.

The blueprint we developed is the key to many of the new things you see on ClickBank today.

Our New Website
We wanted a whole new face for ClickBank that more effectively addresses the thousands of “everyday experts” out there that can turn their know-how into an information business of their own. Our site has a new look and feel and it highlights just a few of our many clients and their products. We’re also now selling an information product of our own—our “Guide to Becoming a Successful Infopreneur” teaches people about the infopreneurial model and provides them with the blueprint we developed.

The guide we created is incredibly content rich — including over 2 hours of videos and companion study guides that remove much of the guesswork from how to get started, develop products, reach and retain customers, increase conversions and grow your business.

The ClickBank Powered Platform
Even with a proven blueprint, starting an information business still requires significant technical knowledge and resources. You need to be able to build and host an effective website and integrate technologies to deliver digital products, manage transactions and keep in touch with prospects and customers. We developed the ClickBank Powered Platform to make that whole process easier.

It’s an all-in-one subscription-based offering that gives you everything you need to create, grow, optimize and run an information business. Infopreneurs no longer have to cobble together a bunch of other tools just to begin selling their products through ClickBank. Hosting, web page development, email broadcasts and nurturing campaigns, blog articles, product delivery…even secure pages and membership functionality are packaged together in a single easy-to-use solution. And it’s built around the blueprint we’ve developed and guides infopreneurs step-by-step to give them the greatest chance for success.

Our New Knowledge Base
We’ve rolled out a new take on our Help Center to streamline support for our clients so they can quickly get the education and answers they need. Some of us have been working hard to populate it with many of the insights we’ve uncovered in our research…and there’s much more to come. It’s designed to become even “smarter” over time—capturing responses to questions that our clients pose and putting those answers at the fingertips of the next clients.

Many of us have been pulling some rather late nights to get all this ready and we’re excited to finally share it with world.  But with all that we’ve put together, we’re even more excited about where our clients will now be able to take their own businesses–and ClickBank–in the future.   We strongly believe that just about everyone has knowledge in their head that others value–knowledge that they can turn into an online business of their own.  For 15 years, ClickBank has been helping everyday experts do just that. And with everything we’ve rolled out today, we think we’ll be able to help even more of them achieve success.

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