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4 Simple Ways to Find the Perfect Product to Promote

Written by: Beau Blackwell, Director of Education

One of the great things about being an affiliate for ClickBank is having a huge variety of products to promote. However, trying to dig through the ClickBank Marketplace to find the perfect product to promote to your audience can be a little overwhelming. This leads many people to just pick the best-selling products in their chosen category, rather than digging deeper to find products that will generate the most profit.

In this article, I’ll share 4 simple ways you can start getting more from the Marketplace with just a little bit of extra effort. Proper research before promoting a product is often the difference between success and failure, so try out these techniques to get your promotions off on the right foot!

1. Use Advanced Search and Filters to find products that fit your needs

Most affiliates just browse Marketplace categories or use our basic search functionality to find products, but this really limits your ability to find “hidden gem” products that are a perfect fit for your audience and that meet your specific needs as an affiliate. By using our Advanced Search function, you can get much more specific in your search and weed out products that aren’t a good fit. For example, here are some ways you can use Advanced Search to improve your results:

  • Exclude keywords from the search that don’t make sense for your niche or audience
  • Search for keywords only within a particular category
  • Look for high $/sale products (this is especially important if you’re doing paid affiliate advertising)
  • Find vendors that include a PitchPlus upsell or recurring commissions
  • Look for products in different languages
  • Find new vendors to promote by setting the Activation Date to a recent date
  • Look for vendors with an Affiliate Tools page (more on that later)

The Filters that we’ve added on the left side of the Marketplace can perform some of these same functions, so be sure to use them! By narrowing down the options you can find great products to promote that will give you the best return on your efforts.

2. Use Marketplace Stats to determine customer lifetime value

While it’s nice to get a big commission up front when making a sale, think about the longer term value of a customer as well. Many vendors offer recurring commissions, and if they have a good customer retention rate, you can earn significantly more over the life of a customer than you would with only a single sale.

The easiest way to find these kinds of products is to filter by Billing Type: Recurring, or to look for products with a high Avg Rebill Total, which indicates how much an affiliate earns (on average) after the initial sale of that vendor’s products. It’s not a guaranteed amount, but it’s a good sign that you can continue earning more after that first sale. Our Avg $/sale stat does include the initial and recurring amounts an affiliate will earn from that vendor (on average), so you can look at that as well to get a good sense of the overall value of promoting that vendor.

3. Look for vendors with a Vendor Spotlight or Affiliate Tools page

As an affiliate, you’ve got a lot of work to do creating your promotions and reaching potential customers. Make your life a little easier by using vendor-created resources for your promotions, such as banner ad images, keyword target lists, email “swipe” copy, free reports to give away, and more. It’s less work for you and can make pre-selling to customers easier as well.

Many vendors provide an Affiliate Tools page with these kinds of resources already made for you, or in some cases will create custom tools if you need them. As I mentioned above, you can use Advanced Search or Filters to find vendors with these pages. It can be one of the easiest ways to get promotions up and running quickly and effectively!

4. Reach out to vendors directly

I always recommend to affiliates that they should review and truly believe in any product they promote. Otherwise you stand to lose trust from your audience or even potentially get in legal hot water if you’re making improper claims about a product you’re promoting. Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income has written some great blog posts on this topic—I highly recommend checking them out.

For this reason, it’s a good idea for you to reach out to the vendor directly to try to get a review copy of the product, or to buy the product directly if the vendor doesn’t provide review copies. Buying the product can also be useful since it lets you test out the vendor’s purchase process and customer support, and lets you feel comfortable recommending that product to your audience. Sending visitors to a vendor who doesn’t reply to email or provide a good buying experience is the quickest way to lose face with your visitors and keep them from buying through your links in the future.

Reaching out to vendors is also a good idea because they may be willing to offer extra benefits or perks such as sales bonuses, customized affiliate links, custom landing pages, or any number of other benefits. You’ll never know if you don’t try! The worst that can happen is they don’t respond, in which case it can be a signal that you may not want to promote their products anyway.

Give these four tips a go when searching for your next promotion. I’m confident they’ll make your life as an affiliate easier and more successful.

Leave a comment below with your #1 challenge in finding products to promote—we want to know!


  1. Alan says:

    Hi Beau great article I like it very much I always struggle with my choice of sq page keywords to place in the meta tag do I put the main keyword phrase that everyone will be promoting or do I use the product name or maybe the description that the website has on the sales page.

    How would you write a great sales sq page if you had to do it yourself ?

  2. Very informative article, on taking the correct steps into founding that needle in the haystack. What l mean is your provide informative information that is more then likely over looked as l have in the pass….. I am rookie here, honestly never made a dime from click bank, why l just never find that needle in the haystack, reason one and more then likely a lot of other mistakes l made.

    I definitely will learn from your article, thank you for sharing…

    Joseph Botelho

  3. Tony says:

    Thanks Beau!

    I’ll check this checklist close while I’m trying to find a new product to promote on my site!

    I’m currently in that process, so I’m really glad I stumbled upon this article!

    Thanks again,

    Tony “Web” Smith

  4. Benjamin says:

    Thanks for the tips. It will be useful for new affiliates however keywords research is still a must. I would not want to rely on keywords provided by vendors because they usually do not rank well.

  5. juan says:

    I think it all depends on the type of website your making. i myself have experimented with just adding two products to a niche site and have seen my sales go down. On the other hand I recently created a classified/resource type website and it is also bringing in some sales. My recomendation is simply to promote a product you would buy and if you can do buy it so that yo can explain in greater detail the services of that product (have more knowledge).

  6. Tom says:

    Great advice Beau, thanks!

    As you say “Proper research before promoting a product is often the difference between success and failure”.


  7. Hi Beau
    Good tips here, but I find that the best way is to get a copy of the product, get as much info as possible, make sure you READ the product Yourself, then do your own keyword research before promoting the product.

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