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5 Killer SEO Tips to Get Backlinks

Posted by: Steven Clayton, Guest Blogger

Anyone who pays attention to SEO techniques knows that getting high quality, “do follow,” and diverse backlinks is the key to search engine optimization. The challenge, of course, is where to find places to get powerful backlinks.

Most people build their link building strategies around blog and forum postings. This makes sense and is certainly part of our plans as well. However, it stands to reason that Google also knows that most marketers who are using SEO tactics to rank their sites are doing this, and it makes sense that they will be looking for a much more diverse backlink pattern to award the highest rankings to.

With that in mind, I’m going to share the top 5 non-forum/blog backlink sources that we teach in Commission Blueprint 2.0.

1. Squidoo Lists is a great place to get links back to your site. Type the following into a Google search:


You will be presented with a huge list of Squidoo lenses where you can add your site, with custom anchor text. Many of these have very high PageRank as well!

For extra credit, append +”keyword phrase” onto the end of this query, and you can target your links for relevance. For example, if you were trying to rank a fitness site you could type:


2. Web 2.0 Profiles

Many Web 2.0 sites that allow you to create profiles and interact with others provide high PageRank, “do follow” links to the website listed in your profile. Some examples include,,, and

When creating profiles on these sites (which you could do for every niche you’re in) you’re able to list your website, which becomes a high quality backlink to your site.

3. Article Marketing for Links

Most marketers are familiar with writing articles to get traffic, but we write most of our articles for backlinks. If you’ve put a link to your site within the article (and let’s certainly hope you’re doing that!), every article that gets posted becomes a backlink (or even 2 or 3). The more articles that get posted, the more links you can build.

To get started, you simply have to write the article and submit it to a few article directories. I recommend:,, and

There is absolutely no problem or penalty with submitting the same article to all three places (submit to Ezinearticles first, though, as they are the strictest with regard to unique content), and if you are accepted by all three and have 2 links in each article, your article will result in 6 high quality backlinks!

4. Relevant Lists and Resource Directories

There are many websites that function as a resource for people interested in a particular topic. For example, one site may maintain a list of top weight loss sites to visit. A backlink from pages like these can provide high quality, highly relevant backlinks. The relevance of backlinks is being talked about much more by Google lately, and it is assumed that relevance will play a larger role in site ranking in the near future.

The trick is to find these sites quickly and efficiently. We’ve found the following Google search queries to work very well:

“Keyword phrase” + “add url”

“Keyword phrase” + “add site”

“Keyword phrase” +  “add website”

For example, if you’re looking to build backlinks to a fitness-related site, you can search for:

“fitness” + “add url”

Google will return a huge list of sites that will allow you to add your web site, creating a backlink to your site.

One thing to watch out for is that many of the sites you’ll come across will ask for a reciprocal link (i.e., we’ll link to you if you link to us). These should be avoided. It’s worth the effort to sift through these sites to find ones where you can add your link without having to place a reciprocal link on your site, because these links are less valuable for SEO purposes.

Make sure to keep a list or database of all of these great link building sites/resources that you find, so you don’t have to search for them again the next time!

5. Easy EDU Links

I’ve saved my favorite and most unique tip for last. It’s commonly accepted knowledge that .EDU and .GOV backlinks are valued very highly when Google decides on your search rank position. Some people also know the “trick” to finding blogs and forums on .EDU domains, where they can leave useful comments that link back to their sites. If you don’t, here’s a great Google query to find .EDU blogs: inurl:blog “post a comment” -”you must be logged in”

We’re after something more valuable, though. How about a whole page on an .EDU domain where you can put an article or a whole blog post, as opposed to just a comment? All you need is a willing college student!

At many schools, college students are given web space they can use for anything they like. Of course, this web space is hosted on the .EDU domain. All we need to do is to get this college student to allow us to post our material if they like it. But how do you go about finding these students?

If you really think about it, you can’t possibly be many degrees of separation away from knowing someone who’s in college right now. Think about your circle of friends and family, and branch out from there. For example, even though I’m “older” (I have teenage children… sigh), I still have 3 cousins that are attending college right now. If I expand my reach further, friends of my parents have children in college. I’m also getting to the age where my friends are starting to have kids in college. In short, I can’t throw a rock into my personal network without hitting a college student!

All you have to do is approach these students in your network and ask for their help, or give them something in exchange, for the privilege of putting some content on their site. It’s as simple as that.

I hope these tips help you improve your search engine rankings and make you a more successful Internet Marketer!

About the author

Steven Clayton and his partner Tim Godfrey are the creators of several best-selling Internet Marketing information products, including Commission Blueprint 2.0, Niche Blueprint, and SEM Business Blueprint. You can get more great advice and information on their blog.

Please note: Any opinions or strategies expressed here represent those of the author, and cannot be guaranteed to work by ClickBank.


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  2. Flickr is not a good example of a Web 2.0 profile to use for backlinks, because they insert the nofollow attribute in links in your profile.

  3. Hey ,

    I just found you out while googling , and this a really nice article. :)
    Expect me to be a frequent visitor here. Will read all useful posts
    Thanks ,

    Regards ,

  4. Hello, My name is Esau Frazier III. I’m really trying to promote the diferent websites

    I get confused when you really try to follow all the guidelines? Is it possible to let

    me know if I’m doing the work right? Thanks God Bless

  5. Steven, these ideas are awesome. It’s rare to find new, creative ideas in backlinking, but you’ve done it. My team and I are so on that .edu tip. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Steven and Tim are one of the few IM folks I respect. Thanks for clarifying the rules for article submission. As long as I’ve been article marketing, I never knew you could submit the same article to those three directories (I knew to submit first to EZA). You hear so much about duplicate content.

  7. (No Follow links can still be useful). I was hoping for ‘killer tips’ rather than these obvious ones.

  8. Interesting post Steven,

    You may find this useful as well: inurl:blog “your keywords”

  9. Eric says:

    Hey there, I really liked the squidoo info, but all i can see is that you can add a amazon link and nothing else…? Where do you add site link and anchor? What am i missing? Sorry, I know, I must sound dumb…:-0

  10. Tips like these are awesome. I have a few posted on my blog as well. Forums are great not only for backlinks but also to get people to read your posts and click on your links. A tip for the readers, check out This site lists a bunch of forums from around the world showing how many posts and members they have. Great resource.

  11. gigi says:

    why is the Client Earnings Paid Out counter on the first page always adding up 7 to that number every second? i mean, shouldn’t this show the real cash paid till now? and i doubt that all the commissions are $7 and there are transactions taking place only one every second…
    what’s the purpose of that Cash counter?

    • bbb
      Beau Blackwell, ClickBank says:


      The number on the counter is based on the average payout for that day. It’s recalculated every night. Due to the extremely high number of transactions we process, there’s no way to make it 100% “real time,” but it’s very close.

  12. These tips are great! Though, as mentioned above, flickr really isn’t a good example of a backlink website. For backlinks, I recommend, which many clickbank affiliate marketers are starting to use lately, for I have seen many clickbank products advertised on there.

  13. I tried to write a lens , but after i published it , cant find a link to my blog or anything :(

  14. Mark says:

    I do my best to stay up on SEO, andt his was the first time I heard that info on squidoo.
    Are they follow or no follow??

    Thank You,

  15. Medic says:

    I’m new to SEO, great tips for me. Thanks a bunch Steven and Tim.

    Is backlink coming in from domain and subdomain carry the same weigh in position ranking?

    How about link from free ads?

    Can anyone help? :)

  16. Chris says:

    @Mark – The links are dofollow.

    Love these set of tips, but I always have a hard time remembering what the different queries are when I want to use them. So I put up a simple site to make these searches easier.

  17. Jaron says:

    Great collection of link resources. I had never thought about getting a .edu link from a college student.

    For those interested in tracking your backlinks, I thought I’d let you know about a new (free) tool I created. It tracks a bunch of info about your links, but also automatically verifies if the links are still live (no more wondering if your link exchange partner took off your link). It only requires that you provide a link for use. You can find it at Let me know if you have any feedback on it!

  18. Thanks very much Steven for the clever .edu backlink idea. I’ve always know they were the holy grail of backlinks (+ .govt) but have never just thought to ask a friendly student. To be honest it might even be worth paying for .edu pages. It’s easy to get students to work for you, and they generally work cheap (or for beer).

  19. Jim Coe says:

    Squidoo links are a great tip – but why not create your own Squidoo Lens or lenses while your at it?

    It’s not hard to do, you might get some small commissions on products you recommend there, you could create some buzz in the Squidoo community, you can feature your articles, blogs, newsletters and sites, plus Squidoo lenses do well in Google.

  20. Steven says:

    good tip, i like it. Thanks.

  21. I took notes on this article last month and put a lot of these ideas into effect, I had more traffic coming in, and still do. Your suggestions really work! I never knew that stuff about Squidoo and also the search terms, etc. THANKS very much!

  22. Hi, good article here…

    Another way to get backlinks is to use an article syndication service to syndicate your content, then use Google alerts to see which articles got picked up, then comment on those blogs telling the site owners,

    “thanks for posting my article, if you’d like a totally bran new and unique version of this article please email me via the email address I left in the comment form”…

    Then just wait for replies, an offer up new articles.

    Here’s another way to do article marketing more effectively, too



  23. Karen says:

    Very nice article and am working my way though it now.
    I love Squidoo and have many lenses pointing either to my sites or direct to the sales page. Thanks for the great tips.

  24. excellent post and very informative one i think your information might be very helpful for the SEO peoples and thanks for posting your important suggestion

  25. HPD says:

    thanks for this excellent techniques that will be going to be very useful for us to get the link juice from the sites or the blog by the blog commenting again thanks for this useful software and tricks

  26. Sanjeev says:

    Excellent tips for new comers.Idea for .edu and .gov backlinks was great.

  27. Wale says:

    Very nice tips. I didn’t know about some of them before now. Thanks for sharing.

  28. SB says:

    Good Tips!
    But be aware that MANY web2.0 sites(especially Squidoo) become more and more “anti affiliate marketing”…keep that in mind if you promote Clickbank on those sites. Provide value and good content! G.

  29. VHL says:

    Excellent tips. I have saved this to refer back to. VHL

  30. Sumarwan says:

    I’ve been helped with this information.. thank you steve,…

  31. i think i will try these sites out to see if i can improve my rank

  32. Nancy says:

    Thanks for the tips. :)

  33. EAD says:

    Tips like these have help me out a lot when launching a new ebay affiliate site. In some cases my stores are indexed within 24 hours. Using tips like this allows me to hold off on doing any type of PPC. Organic clicks are the best.

  34. Jon says:

    very interesting.. kinda lost me on the .edu backlinks but i will put to use the others..

  35. Neha says:

    A good post will surely help for generating more link on a site.It’s really good to read the post.

  36. cel says:

    Thanks for those tips! They helped me a lot.

  37. Really useful information here about getting links — especially the one about how to get links with useful Google string operators. Thanks for sharing that.

    Henry Maston

  38. Just the information in this article alone is worth at least $97. Honest. I know as I have Steven Clayton’s products — one of them but I can’t leave it here or else this post will deleted. (A simple web search will reveal them to you.) I heartily recommend their stuff. They are the real McCoy — they really are.

    Glenn Ryan

  39. wilson says:

    New to SEO, sounds like good information for me. Thanks for posting it here, Steven.

  40. Ajnabii says:

    excellent post and very informative one i think your information might be very helpful for the SEO peoples and thanks for posting your important suggestion

  41. Sheila says:

    Great post for a newbie like me whos aiming to get 100′s of backlinks to my sites :) …Thanks!

  42. RH says:

    Superb article…this will for sure help me to get high ranking in search engine…I am so thankful to you for such an wonderful article…I like the idea of creating profiles on high PR social sites…thanks a ;ot.

  43. Sourish says:

    Article directories wont accept duplicate content in the first place. If you cant write yourself , get the work outsourced

  44. Awesome article, some of the tips I was aware of and some not so much. They however seem like there worth giving a shot so thank you.

  45. Paddy says:

    Just a question: if I decide to buy some backlinks packs from internet, like from amazon or ebay, what happens? I can see some strange vendors like abcmarketing, activeSEO, aladygma-marketing, what are they?

  46. ZoomH2 says:

    Steven, great stuff once again.

  47. i don’t care about nofollow or do follow link, as long as it’s a quality backlink i try to get it,

  48. Ample says:

    thanks for the great tips, obviously these are meant for Google, any tip for yahoo and bing

    • bbb
      Beau Blackwell, ClickBank says:


      In my experience, what works for Google also usually works well for Yahoo and Bing.

      One extra tip I’d add for Yahoo is that unlike Google, Yahoo will show you pretty much every backlink to any particular site. Google shows a very limited selection of backlinks to any given site.

      One big benefit of this difference is that if there’s a site in your niche that ranks really well in the search engines, you can use Yahoo to see everywhere that links to that site, in the hopes that you can get backlinks from some of those same places (for example, directories or blogs). To perform a Yahoo backlink search, just go to Yahoo and search on “link:” (Replace “whateversite” with the domain you’re looking at). This will show you all of the backlinks to that site. By digging through the list, you should be able to find some good sources for backlinks to your site.

      Hope that helps!

  49. Thanks a lot! I am just learning Information.
    Php and this was very easy to follow and helped a lot.
    You really took time to explain every little bit.
    Thanks again…

  50. BN says:

    Thanks a lot for posting this article. The informations above are all worth to read. The methods you’ve explained above help in finding topic related blogs which are having high page ranks, do follow, etc. Thanks again for posting.

  51. Thanks for providing such a valuable information about search engine techinques. After reading this i came to know that “do follow,” and diverse backlinks is the key to search engine optimization. The challenge, of course, is where to find places to get powerful backlinks.The informations above are all worth to read. The methods you’ve explained above help in finding topic related blogs which are having high page ranks, do follow, etc. Thanks again for posting.

  52. travesti says:

    thnk you for post

  53. fab says:

    excellent guide!

  54. Rick says:


    I had no idea Squidoo Lens could be good for SEO. The .edu stuff is pretty cool.


  55. Thomas says:

    Beau Blackwell .. just wanted to say thanks for your comment above about What works for google, also works well in Yahoo and Bing. Also for the link you provided for us to use.

  56. Good tips! These tips are a little more specific and easy to follow than just “post on blogs and submit to directories, etc” I had no idea you could type in ode into google and get specific results. I’ve been doing article marketing but didn’t know of some of the sites you listed so thanks!

  57. Hey Steven,

    You have gave some great advice which will keep me busy for a while. I don’t mind though, because ranking high on Google is an awesome feeling. I really liked your advice on 5. Easy EDU Links I will definitely do this one right away. I really like article marketing and squidoo, both are just awesome.

    Thank you for the tips, and I will check out your blog.

    Nathan Isaac

  58. This is great Information. I can attest to the power of these techniques as i use many of them myself, along with a few of my own tricks. building back links can be a headache sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be.

  59. Goodpal says:

    Highly specific DIY information. I have began to apply all your tips.

    Thanks very much.

  60. Great tips for backlinking, but don’t you think blog commenting has lost its value in the eyes of google due to spammer bombarding blogs with irrelevant links and comments or are they still valued.

    None the less I think some backlink is better then no backlink

  61. Lisa says:

    I love this site, unbelievable amount of valuable information and so many great tips to help in SEO, I’ve book marked, and plan on implementing some of this today! Thanks so much everyone!

  62. Earl A. says:

    Well, I followed your advise and opened a Squidoo account today. As a newbie, I don’t know if I did everything right, but I guess time will tell. You sure have to read a lot of material in this affiliate marketing business.

  63. Joe says:

    Great stuff! I like the .edu idea but I can’t seem to find one that is dofollow. Any suggestions?

  64. TTYG says:

    I came to know importance of backlinks a few months back, but couldn’t find ways to do that. Your post gave me what I was looking for.

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  68. Gordon says:

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  69. Nate says:

    These are some awesome tips for getting Back links. I was also unaware of the Squidoo one. And the web 2.0 tip as well. Thanks for the advice. Time to go get more backlinks.

  70. Thanks for the Squidoo tip, very useful. Squidoo pages generally do have high ranks, so any link with good anchor text is going to be good. There are more good articles about getting backlinks on my article site.

  71. Keith says:

    Never heard the Squidoo one, hope it still works, trying it now.. thanks!

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  77. vincentt says:

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  78. debby law says:

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    thanks for your tips

  79. Dean says:

    Am I missing something, but when I tried to add links to squidoo pages, it one says I have to be logged in to squidoo. Are you saying I need to have a squidoo page? This makes no sense because I don’t want to link back to a squidoo page I want to link back to my web site. I think I am missing something here…could you please clarify?


  80. Davey says:

    Some fantastic tips there, especially liked the search operators to find relevant lists and directories as I had never thought of using that! Cheers, Davey

  81. I’m finding that backlinks are getting more and more important with gaining rankings, no thanks to many websites which now purchase their links purely for search engine benefits. Unfortunately this is resulting in places such as Google being cluttered with non-relevant and poor quality results. Thank you very much for the tips. Sarah x

  82. Study says:

    I think this is what people miss out on when doing seo. They don’t realize no-follow links are a waste of time. Do-follow is all that counts regardless of how many blogs that say that no-follow counts as well. That is wishfull thinking, but useless. Good tips.

  83. That was one of the greatest information I got on the internet. Thank you very much.

  84. thanks man, nice to see a site like this very helpful in my line of work

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    I have studied the concept of how to get the back links. But did came across the “Squidoo” concept. Thanks. Good article.

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    I have had already done some back linking works but reading at your post, I realized that some of the things I have done are not effective. Thank you very much for sharing this information.

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    I found so many interesting stuff for getting backlink free, in your blog especially its for squeedo lence. From the tons of comments on your blog, I guess I am not the only one having all the knowledge here! keep up the good work..

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    I use web 2.0 profiles on back linking for couple of weeks and you right is a killer way to get back links. And some times i use Relevant Lists and Resource Directories, for me this is a greatest tips.

  89. CCUL says:

    but the best trick of all is this:

    “site:. com inurl: blog” post a comment “-” comments closed “-” You Must Be logged in “

  90. shohidul says:

    There is tremendous and specific tips here. The methods you’ve explained above help in finding topic related blogs having high page ranks, do follow, etc. Thanks a lot for posting

  91. There are some really excellent tips in this article. One that I didn’t know was to use the word “website” in your search string.

    I have a question. How important do you think it is to include in your search the following: -”comments closed” making the whole string inurl:blog “post a comment” -”you must be logged in”-”comments closed”. That’s what I usually do. Am I limiting myself unnecessarily by doing this?

    • bbb
      Beau Blackwell, ClickBank says:


      I don’t think adding the “- comments closed” string is a bad idea or unnecessary limitation, because otherwise you end up getting a lot of results that you can’t actually use (since you can’t comment on them). In my mind, that makes it worth doing.

  92. Jobber says:

    Great article!! I’ve read a lot about SEO, page rank, and other ways to get top 10 in Google and this article has been the most helpful. Your rock Steven. Check out my site when you get a chance and tell me what I could do better.

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    Great Post dude!

  94. For method #1, there is currently a Squidoo bug that doesn’t allow other users to add to another user’s lens.

  95. very valuable information. Thanks. I have been searching for short and sweet topic to creating some good and natural back links. Step 5 is real killer!

  96. this is tight info. hope you can tell us also if that spiderizon site is for real where they claim to produce and automate backlinks to one’s site. thanks!

  97. kumar says:

    Thanks for providing the valuable information . i never heard of the 5Th tip , i am going to implement it from now.

  98. Thanks so much. Every ClickBank affiliate would be well advised to read this article about 4 or 5 times so as to internalize it for future CB results. Wonderful tips.

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    Great inlinks!

  100. Thanks. I have been searching for short and sweet topic to creating some good and natural back links. Step 5 is real killer!

  101. henri says:

    Very useful information. I will certainly try these strategies. Thank you.

  102. I have to disagree with step #5. Google doesn’t have any preference when it comes to TLD’s. The head of Google’s core search, Amit Singhal has a blog running on .info, which if anyone still remembers, back in medieval days, a .info is usually filled with spam since it was free.

  103. Saleem says:

    Many thanks for the article…

  104. @SEO Reseller,

    I completely disagree with you. It’s a common fact that .com TLD’s are given much more authority over other extensions. If you created two similar sites, with identicle keyword density and backlink structures, but one is a .com and one is a .us – there are no prizes for guessing which one of these will be ranking higher in the search engines.

  105. @Backlink Service

    I’m sorry but you may have misunderstood me. So I’ll simply it with my statement being that what I’m talking about is the algorithmic side of rankings.

    Matt Cutts: Typically, our policy is: a link is a link, is a link; wherever that link’s worth is, that is the worth that we give it. Some people ask about links from DMOZ, links from .edu or links from .gov, and they say: “Isn’t there some sort of boost? Isn’t a link better if it comes from a .edu?” The short answer is: no, it is not. It is just .edu links tend to have higher PageRank, because more people link to .edu’s or .gov’s.

    While it may be true that Google has no special logic for .edu and .gov links, look at that last statement: “It is just that .edu links tend to have higher PageRank, because more people link to .edu’s or .gov’s”.

    The mere fact that you’ve mentioned keyword density gives me a pause for concern, though.

  106. Just my two cents, but I’m a big fan of Steve Clayton’s work. I’m part of
    his IMA membership program and have learned a lot about setting specific
    goals for releasing websites.

    Nice list of straight forward link building tactics.

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    Thank you.

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  112. The hard part about SEO and developing ranking is quality, and then keeping that quality, so that others don’t smash on it. That is the one thing I have been doing and that is developing better and better quality, so that my offering isn’t the same old crap.

  113. Hudy says:

    Is it really helpful for backlink created from profile of linkedin … etc.? Does that mean if I have 3 blogs, I need to create 3 different accounts in linkedin? Will Google put penalty if it discover I am self promoting?


  114. I’m sure its no big surprise to many but a major factor I have found in getting successful back links is staying on topic and understanding how ethical your link is. I followed the advice given here on gaining back links for SEO purposes from high profile .edu blogs and had average success. I found this to be mainly because my website is a mobile phone recycling comparison website and when I link to it from e-waste management or electronic recycling blog posts it is not seen as spam or a direct attempt to create a back link for solely the gain of my website.

  115. George says:

    Nice article. Very informative. I have tried blog commenting.But many of the sites will have to approve your comments before it appears on their sites. I have found so many of them have not approved even after 1 month. How can I over come that?

  116. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I supply credit and sources back to your site? My weblog is in the very identical niche as yours and my visitors would definitely benefit from a great deal of the info you supply here. Please let me know if this alright with you. Thanks a lot!

    • Stefania,

      Sure, as long as you provide credit and a link back. Thanks!

  117. steve says:

    Thanks for the post! When you say college students are given “web space” exactly what are you referring to? It’s not clear to me exactly where this space is.

  118. EvitaC says:

    Thans Steven, I was almost ready to gave up, but your article makes sence.

  119. EDU links are an absolute MUST for me, and the first thing I do for any new website. I’ll normally outsource it but sometimes its worth the time to find out the really high quality ones for yourself (and to keep in future); the boost you get is unreal. For me personally it is anyway.

  120. Beau,

    Great article – thanks. I have played around with the Squidoo suggestion and checked the source to find the NOFOLLOW tag. Is there a way to get rid of this?

    Many Thanks

  121. Anthony Ainsworth says:

    Hi, thanks for the search tips, going to be used all the time now.

    Only thing i am unsure of is the squidoo stuff, the links that i have seen are no follow links, so why use these links??

    Other than that great stuff!!

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