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Promote ClickBank Products Using Twitter: Part One

This is part one of a three part series by guest blogger and ClickBank publisher Scott Tousignant on using Twitter to increase your ClickBank sales.

Part One: What is Twitter, and How Can It Help Your ClickBank Business?

Social media has quickly become the easiest and fastest method of generating targeted exposure for your ClickBank promotions. Participating in the most effective social networks, and using them correctly, will lead to an increase in conversions and boost your ClickBank sales.

With new social networking sites popping up every day, it can be difficult to determine which ones are worth your investment of time and effort. That’s why today, I’m going to make your life a bit easier. After spending thousands of hours in hundreds of different social networking communities and tracking where my traffic and sales are coming from, I can tell you without a doubt that Twitter has produced the best results for my business.

What Is Twitter, You Ask?

It’s hard to say, really. Twitter means different things to different people. To some people, it’s simply another form of a chat room, public instant messaging, or a virtual water cooler. To others, it’s a place to network with like-minded individuals, connect with customers, and attract joint venture partners.

The technical term that is often used to describe Twitter is ‘micro blogging.’ Each ‘tweet’ is a 140-character blog post. It’s quick and to the point. That’s part of the appeal to many Twitter users, which makes it important for you to understand that you need to provide value within each tweet that you make.

Why Should You Use Twitter?

Connect with Customers and Joint Venture Partners
Twitter allows me to build trust and enhance the relationship that I have with my customers. It’s one more way that I can erase any skepticism they may have in regards to my credibility and the value of my products.

Twitter has also become the easiest and fastest way for me to connect with industry leaders. There have been times where dozens of emails and phone calls failed to reach my prospective JV partner, but one simple tweet did the trick.

Increase Traffic to your Blog and Web Sites
When you are posting valuable content in your tweets and becoming a resource to your followers on Twitter, you can guarantee that they will be clicking on links in your profile and eagerly looking to learn more from you.

When you create a blog post, it is acceptable to announce it on Twitter. Having a catchy title and intriguing first few words of the post will increase click-throughs to your blog post. I recommend that you automate your blog posts to appear as tweets by using Twitterfeed.

Another example of leveraging Twitter is inviting your followers on Twitter to listen in on Webcasts where you are interviewing an expert in your niche.

Get More Incoming Links to your Site

Each tweet is its own unique page on the Web. When you include links to your blog posts, product review pages, or Web sites, you are receiving inbound links to each of those sites. Incoming links mean more traffic, both from direct visits and improved rankings in search engines.

Hopefully this post has given you a good introduction to Twitter and how it can help you grow your ClickBank business. In Part Two, I’ll show you the basics of getting started with Twitter, as well as the steps you need to take early on to be as successful as possible. Stay tuned!

Scott Tousignant of harnesses the power of social media to help bring him closer to his goal of reversing the nationwide obesity trend by 2015. Connect with Scott by following him at


  1. Susan says:

    Great article, Scott. I have also been using Twitter to boost my business. There are benefits that I never could have seen ahead of time. So many interesting connections along the way.

  2. Mike Bond says:

    I’m very grateful to you for explaining Twitter. I’m a complete newbie, but very keen to get started, not only on Twitter, but on Clickbank as well. Thanks again. Now I’ll read Part Two.
    Best wishes,

  3. Oscar Hernandez says:

    How do I go about setting up a twitter on my affiliate account? Thanks, Oscar.

  4. Beau Blackwell, ClickBank says:

    Hi Oscar,

    Your Twitter account and ClickBank account will be two totally separate things. Once you have both a Twitter account and a ClickBank affiliate account, you can use Twitter to post Hoplinks for products you recommend using your ClickBank affiliate ID. If you do, I highly recommend taking Scott’s advice in these posts about tweeting responsibly, so people find your tweets useful.

    I hope that helps!

  5. Dale says:

    “does twitter provide incoming links to web sites” was my google search question by which I found your post which clearly answered my question. Thank you

  6. Mansur says:

    I have an account on Twitter but seldom visit it due to no one to talk to but this gives me an idea to get on it and work it some more, thanks for the article, it is very informative.

  7. PennyGould says:

    I agree with your assessment of Twitter. I find it popping up all over the place, it’s like it’s reached critical mass! I’ll try your suggestion about Twitterfeed with one of my blogs, thanks for the good info!

  8. Great article. Since I start thinking to use my Twitter to generate income. I will follow your advice. Thanks. – BUDI R.

  9. Christine says:

    Thanks for the tip on backlinks..this however brought up a new question as far using Bitly or the url shortening services.. would it be better to cut back on verbage and use domain name instead of bitly in order to also brand your site more and would this increase ranking?

    Bitly vs domain name – using twitter to increase branding and ranking with backlinks..

  10. Esaul ND says:

    I’m verry appreciated for your info here. I just run my real action as by this tips here. I bought a new domain name to run my clickbank selling with twitterfeed.

    Thanks for this great tips.

  11. recom says:

    very clear! I read it twice, because I enjoy it so much. you know this tips is free, going to twitter….

  12. I appreciate the good advice, I will definitely be using it. Thanks!

  13. Wonderful piece, never heard of Twitterfeed until now. This was extemely helpful, thank you Scott.

  14. Alex For says:

    Thank you, I use FriendFeed instead of Twitterfeed to autotweet my blog posts and not only – it has some important advantages.

  15. Darrion says:

    This is a great way of showing how twitter can be valuable to your business. Even though social sites are pack now with businesses it is still very helpful. Great article.

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